John will show you in just 5 days...

  • How to find and create a lucrative 'cash cow' in your business, coaching, consulting, therapy or freelancing - something you love to deliver and that people are happy to buy again and again
  • The almost overlooked secret to creating a product that people will be queuing up to buy - whatever is happening out there in the world
  • How to create a flow of sales within weeks without needing a fancy website or massive emails lists and social media followings
  • PLUS: You'll be given exclusive access to our private challenge members-only Facebook group, along with 1,000+ other friendly people taking part (your ideal client might be in there - you never know!)

    Every day I'll share one action item in the group for you to complete and ask you to post in the comments how you got on.

    Each task can be done in just 20 minutes and I'll be on hand, as well as my team to answer any questions you have.


The results previous challenge participants have reported:

5dc john williams the ideas lab success
katherine testimonial
5dc john williams the ideas lab success
5dc john williams the ideas lab success
Corne testimonial
eliane testimonial

Over the last 15 years I've helped 10s of 1000s of people like you to get paid for work that feels more like play.

My bestselling books have been translated into ten languages and have been recommended by The Sunday Times, The Times, Marketing Week, Psychologies magazine and many other publications.  

Whatever it is you end up creating as a business, chances are I've been there - I've run hit live events in London covered by the Daily Mail & others, ran multiple online programmes that have made 100s of 1000s of pounds, consulted to the BBC, Accenture and other blue chip corporations, and become a leading name in business coaching.

Now it's your turn.

In the 5-Day Challenge I'll show you just how fast things can happen for you when you have the right strategy and the support to take the simple but counter-intuitive steps I’ll be walking you through.

Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to get my expert guidance on your business ideas for FREE. 

– John Williams, Founder of The Ideas Lab and Bestselling Author of F**k Work Let's Play & Screw Work Break Free.

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"The past 5 years wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn't met."

Rik Spruyt Founder & Managing Director - CrossTrades OBL, 7-figure business created under guidance from John 


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